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Sony barks at Messiah

Mod chip sales are suspended for the time being

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PlayStation 2 mod chips like Messiah have overstepped the mark, Sony has explained. ChannelTechnology, the group behind the Messiah mod chip - which British games specialist Madeira Games started accepting pre-orders for recently - potentially breaches section 296 of the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act UK. ChannelTechnology's claims of all-round compatibility with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 discs copied to CDR and DVD-R discs is the sticky point, and the company has ceased sales of the chip until its legal position can be confirmed. Ironically, ChannelTechnology's website currently charts the company's problems with NTL over another of its products. At the moment, the only mention of the Sony case is a brief "Messiah in Trouble!" snippet which announces the cessation of Messiah pre-orders. Related Feature - Messiah to the rescue

Source - ConsoleWire

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