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Street Fighter takes to the streets

WAP and SMS versions of classic beat 'em up on the way

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Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Capcom have signed a deal with THQ's Wireless division to distribute WAP and SMS games based on the Street Fighter brand. "Continual innovation has kept the franchise as fresh and relevant today as it was over a decade ago", THQ Wireless somehow managed to type while keeping a straight face. "The move to wireless platforms will continue this legacy". Quite how you turn a high octane beat 'em up into something that can be played with text messages isn't exactly clear at this stage, but the game is already in development at British company Warthog, and will apparently be available early next year. Rumours that the game's title will be Supr Strt Fitr Dlux Trbo SMS Edtn Gld have yet to be confirmed.

Source - press release

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