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GBA software to drop

Serious rumours are afoot of a new £29.99 price point

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One of the things that has made GameBoy Advance less accessible than its predecessor is the price tag on the software. Although Nintendo has always maintained that it does not set a price point, it's widely accepted that the current £34.99 tag found on most new releases in this country is too high, and that Nintendo has the power to change that. According to Computer Trade Weekly, the price of new GameBoy Advance games could be lowered to £29.99 as of next month, with the aim being to cultivate third party interest in the console. CTW cites a senior publishing source. If £29.99 were to become the standard retail price for new software, it would likely reflect in overall GBA software sales, which roughly represent six per cent of the overall software market by value in the UK. At the moment GameBoy Advance is an expensive proposition, and while £29.99 wouldn't necessarily change that alone, it would be a step in the right direction.

Source - CTW

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