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Comanche 4 goes gold

Due out in the UK on December 7th

Novalogic announced earlier this week that their latest helicopter flight combat game Comanche 4 has gone gold, meaning that the game is complete and final code has been sent off for duplication. We now know that the game will be showing up on shelves in the UK on Friday December 7th, a couple of weeks later than expected but still just in time for the Christmas shopping spree. Described by Novalogic as "a fun game with broad appeal that offers fast and intense action gaming", the game is less of a serious sim and more of an airborne shooter, with a return to the pick-up-and-play gameplay and easy learning curve of earlier games in the million-selling series. We should know soon whether it can live up to its potential, but in the meantime we have a new batch of screenshots from Novalogic showing off some of the impressive graphics players can look forward to. Related Feature - Comanche 4 screenshots

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