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Codename Outbreak patch released

Now there's a bit of fortuitous timing

No sooner had we posted our review of Codename Outbreak this afternoon than publisher Virgin Interactive released a patch for the game, apparently fixing a few of the annoying bugs we had spotted. Amongst the fixes listed are that soldiers should no longer fall through the floor on levels 2, 5 and 6 (although the only time we saw this happen was in another mission that hasn't been fixed), some of the issues with the AI's handling of ladders have been solved, and you no longer have to skip all three intro movies seperately to get to the main menu every time you fire the game up, which should reduce wear and tear on your escape key... Sadly the patch doesn't fix the godawful voice acting and shoddy translation, which make the game feel like a poorly dubbed Hong Kong movie at times. It also doesn't make any claims about fixing the pathfinding abilities of your AI squad mate, or the majority of the clipping issues that afflict the game. You can download the patch from any of the following sites -

download from Blue's News (USA)

download from Gameplex (Swiss)

download from Virgin Interactive (UK)

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