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EON in trouble

Redundancies and poor sales

Troubled software company EON Digital is haemorrhaging staff, money and business deals. The company, whose games include conversions of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force on the PlayStation 2 and Worms World Party, has lost a number of staff in development and even some in marketing through outright and voluntary redundancy. The problem for EON is that their two big hopes, International League Soccer and Z: Steel Soldiers simply didn't sell in the UK. Neither charted, and both received a lukewarm reception from the gaming press. Despite the losses, Worms World Party on PSX and GBA is still on target for March, and it's thought that Soldier of Fortune and Elite Force on the PS2 are unaffected by the redundancies, along with The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, which will appear on PC and Xbox. The company is certainly taking that line. According to rumours doing the rounds, EON have lost business thanks to the sales slump and their present financial situation, and some think their problems could become terminal soon. Related Feature - Z: Steel Soldiers review