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Renegade release rambles rearward

C&C spin-off delayed - thank god

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In our recent preview of the game we commented that Command & Conquer : Renegade "still required a lot of work, particularly when it came to the AI" and that Westwood had been curiously reticent about showing the innovative multiplayer modes to anybody outside of the company. Given that it was due for release in just a few weeks this was rather worrying, which is why we are actually glad to hear that it has been delayed yet again, this time to February 2002, almost two years later than originally anticipated when the game was first unveiled at ECTS 1999. In a post on the game's official Westwood forums, community manager Cliff Hicks confirmed that "we are currently aiming for a target release date of February 12th, 2002 and we feel confident this is about when you will be seeing Renegade". Actually, his original post said February 12th 20002, but we suspect that this was a typo. Inevitably there ensued a chorus of whining from the game's supposed fans saying they couldn't wait four months, to which Hicks replied "give us time, we'll give you a great game". A worthy sentiment, and hopefully we will know early next year whether that extra time has paid off or just served to make the already creaky graphics look even more antiquated. Related Feature - C&C Renegade preview

Source - Renegade messageboard

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