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Kingdom Under Fire again

Gold edition of role-playing strategy games on its way

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Phantagram have announced that the new "Gold" edition of their role-playing strategy crossbreed Kingdom Under Fire will be released in the UK on November 9th. While we weren't the biggest fans of the original game, KUF Gold features a number of improvements and new features to solve some of the criticisms made about it. Losing one of your heroes in the midst of a battle usually results in a game over screen, but you can at least save mid-mission now which should reduce the frustration this often resulted in. The latest patch is included which improves the game's online stability amongst other things, and an enhanced campaign editor is also bundled with the game, along with four new heroes and some new hidden missions which reveal more details about the Xok Knights. Kingdom Under Fire Gold is being pitched as a mid-price game, and should cost £19.99 in the UK. Although it's not the best role-playing strategy hybrid out there - Kohan has won our hearts in recent weeks - at that price it might well be worth a look if you are after a real-time strategy fix and want something a little more traditional than the unusual Kohan. Related Feature - Kingdom Under Fire review

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