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There is no Athlon XP recall

Don't panic! They work fine, nobody is recalling anything

On Wednesday, hardware enthusiast website OC Workbench carried news of an Athlon XP recall by AMD Taiwan. AMD Taiwan was asking shops to return unsold XPs because of a recall by the chipmaker, it said. No reason was given. In the midst of denials and rumour-mongering though, we learned that the AMD Taiwan recall was down to nothing more than a courier problem, and AMD has not recalled any AMD Athlon processors. Subsequently OC Workbench have updated their website to reflect the news. We have been thoroughly impressed by the AMD Athlon XP so far, and felt all along that if there were issues with stability, performance or safety, our rigorous testing would have uncovered them. As it is, the only thing wrong with Athlon XP so far is the inflated price tag here in the United Kingdom. We look forward to seeing original Athlon pricing on the chips soon. Related Feature - AMD Athlon XP review