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Jackie Chan hits GameBoy Advance

November release for cartoon action game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Back in May Activision announced that they had secured the rights to develop and publish GameBoy titles based on the popular cartoon series Jackie Chan Adventures, itself based on the "amazing athleticism, humor and real life super hero qualities" of the famous martial arts actor. Today we have got our hands on some screenshots and concept art from the first game to emerge as part of this deal, which is being developed by Torus and is set to be released for the GameBoy Advance on Friday November 30th. In keeping with the slapstick nature of most Jackie Chan movies, the game appears to be a side-on actioneer in the vein of the classic Double Dragon, but with the ability to use unconventional weapons to dispatch your enemies with - the screenshots show Jackie wielding a vase and an umbrella. As you do.

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