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Between The Planets Of The Apes

More details on the soon-to-be-released Planet of the Apes game

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UbiSoft have sent us some more information on the new Planet of the Apes game which they announced they would be publishing as part of a deal with Fox Interactive last week. Set between the original Planet Of The Apes movie and the sequel Beneath The Planet Of The Apes, the game offers an all-new storyline in which an astronaut sent by NASA to locate Charlton Heston's doomed mission crashes on the future ape-dominated Earth. With the rest of his crew dead following a crash landing, the astronaut must seek survivors of the previous mission in an attempt to get home.

This is what you should be looking out for on store shelves later this month

Along the way you will get to explore more of the Planet Of The Apes, facing mandrill assassins, renegade baboons and mutant animals as well as the familiar chimps, gorillas and orang-utans. Settings include Ape City, the forbidden zone, secret research labs and ruined human cities left over from the war. You will also get to meet familiar faces such as Dr Zaius, Zira and Cornelius, as the game draws on all five original movies as well as the 1974 TV series for inspiration. With a September release currently on the cards, hopefully we should know soon how the game stacks up after almost a year in limbo.

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