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ELSA extend reach

Wireless networking tools for people who like to keep their distance

Recently we took a look at 802.11b wireless networking equipment, remarking that for all the world it seemed like the perfect business and gaming appliance for the man who loathes cabling. If you could see past the pricetag, we argued, it was definitely worth investigating. Yesterday ELSA, one of the chief purveyors of 802.11b wireless networking equipment, announced that it planned to release a product called ELSA AirLancer Extender, an antenna capable of extending the range of the wireless networking from the already impressive 400m to an unprecedented 1Km. This will, they say, prove perfect for companies, desktop users and even education establishments who want to network their systems without the hassle of cables. We can see the benefit, particularly for universities and the like, where laptops are commonplace and networking is of paramount importance. Signal strength and throughput is reportedly very good, and can be used indoors or out. Related Feature - Networks Unplugged

Source - press release