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Diablo : The Movie

Will they never learn...

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A judge has granted Blizzard a preliminary injunction banning distributor New Line Cinema from using "Diablo" in the title of a forthcoming movie about drug cartels. With the film due for release some time later this year, New Line will now have to find a new title in a hurry, as the court case will no doubt drag on well past the film's projected release, and the injunction bans them from even advertising the movie as Diablo in the meantime.

Interestingly Blizzard took the action because they may be planning their own movie called Diablo based on the multi-million selling computer game franchise. The press release announcing the injunction confirms that Blizzard has "a pending intent-to-use trademark application for Diablo in connection with the production and distribution of motion pictures". Indeed, according to reports in February (when the court case was first filed) Blizzard have already applied for a trademark on the title of a sequel as well. Whether the movies will go ahead remains to be seen, but at least if they do get made Diablo has slightly more backstory to draw on than the likes of Street Fighter and Super Mario Brothers...

Source - Business Wire

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