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Chaser for Fishtank

German publisher unveils new first person shooter

German publisher Fishtank Interactive have added another game to their already impressive line-up, with the announcement of a first person shooter called Chaser. Set some time in the future and inspired by the classic Arnie sci-fi movie Total Recall (which was itself loosely based on a short story by Blade Runner scribe Philip K Dick), Chaser sees you taking on the role of an agent suffering from amnesia who finds himself attracting unwanted attention from both criminal gangs and the military. As you battle your way through this hostile world you will start to have flashbacks which will gradually reveal what is really going on and why everybody seems to have it in for you. It sounds like an interesting take on the first person genre, and certainly the first early screenshots of the game that we have seen look modestly impressive. Could Fishtank have another winner on their hands? Hopefully we will know more soon.