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Sega take one last stab at Dreamcast

Say hello to R7

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Image credit: Eurogamer

IDG is reporting that Sega will make one last run of Dreamcasts in Japan to clear its inventory, starting in September. The new look Dreamcast R7 will be identical to the original Dreamcast in every way except casing, which will be black with an R7 logo. Black; black like the Saturn and other Sega consoles before it that failed. Boohoo! The console will be priced at 9,900 yen, which IDG lovingly points out is $79, and we reckon is about £56. A Sega spokesman told the news service that although Sega halted production of the Dreamcast in February (although they seem to have told everyone else, March) and has been trying to dispose of inventories since then. Plans to ship devices to pachinko parlours as network terminals only went so far, when it emerged that many people still wanted a piece of the action. Whether the R7 will make its way outside of the Japan is presently unknown, but we doubt it. Related Feature - Dreamcast failure drives company to death

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