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Dreamcast failure drives company to death

Toy Commander developer makes staff redundant

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Dreamcast developer No Cliché, who were working on a horror/adventure called "Agartha", have cancelled the project and made most of the development staff redundant. "Due to Sega's decision to stop development in Europe," the announcement on the company's website reads, "No Cliché stopped its activity. Almost all employees have been made redundant. "Agartha" the horror/adventure game is cancelled." "The managing staff is working on the company's rebirth. News on this site as soon as we can." No Cliché certainly isn't the first company to feel the brunt of Sega's exit from the console market. In recent months, the much anticipated Dreamcast version of Half-Life was shelved by Sierra, along with high profile cancellations of Soul Reaver and Commandos 2 from Eidos. The Dreamcast version of critically acclaimed God game Black & White currently hovers in limbo awaiting a publisher daring enough to take up the challenge, and several other game studios have been worryingly quiet in recent months. Related Feature - Sega completes European exit

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