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PS2 HDD out in July?

Includes broadband Ethernet adapter and 56K modem

The Magic Box is reporting that the much delayed PlayStation 2 hard disk, which includes 40Gb of storage space, but also a broadband Ethernet adapter and 56K modem, will be released in Japan on the 19th of July. The external model will cost 19,000 yen (£108) while the internal model will cost slightly less, at 18,000 yen (£102). Units will be sold through the Japan PlayStation online store and a revised vertical stand will be released with space for the external hard disk. The reason for the two different versions is the distinction in Japan between versions of the PS2 itself. Several models exist, and between the two, the internal and external drives cover them all. Seven games have been confirmed as compatible, including Final Fantasy X, also due out in Japan on the 19th of July, and Capcom Vs SNK: Millionaire Fighting 2001, due out in September. Only a couple of compatible titles (Atelier Lilie and A-Train 2001) have already been released. Snooping around the Japanese PlayStation store, we found the various details on this page. Apart from the image above, you can also see pictures of the external drive, the adjusted stand and what looks to be a brand new USB mouse and keyboard. Related Feature - PS2 price drops in Japan

Source - The Magic Box