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Operation Flashpoint explodes

Cold War combat game tops charts as free add-ons are announced

Operation Flashpoint topped the PC games charts in the UK last week, apparently shifting around 16,000 copies in the two days it was on sale and knocking Westwood's long awaited 3D strategy game Emperor : Battle For Dune off the top spot in the process. Not bad for the first title from a small Czech developer. UK-based publisher Codemasters was understandably well chuffed by this, with Michael Hayes declaring that "Operation Flashpoint is an exceptional game and we're ecstatic with its success at launch". With excellent reviews and strong word of mouth, it will be interesting to see how long it can hang on at the sharp end of the charts, especially with the expected arrival of Commandos 2 next week.

In related news, Codemasters have announced that a series of free upgrade packs for Operation Flashpoint will be available over the summer from the game's official website. The first pack is expected in July and will add the Soviet Su-25 strike aircraft and another American transport helicopter, as well as a bizarre sounding civilian hunting gun called the Kozlice, which features two muzzles - one a shotgun, the other a rifle. The second pack will follow in August, adding dedicated server support for the game as well as another attack helicopter, Vulcan anti-aircraft support for the Americans, new grenade launchers for both sides, two more single player missions and an extra five multiplayer missions. Finally the September pack will add another two vehicles, two single player and five multiplayer missions, and should coincide with the American release of the game.

All in all it looks like a great summer ahead for the game's many fans.

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