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Gamers shocked by PlayStation 2

Frazzle yourself with the new S&M PS2 device from MadCatz!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gaming peripheral specialist MadCatz is in the process of designing and manufacturing a new product called BioForce, which is said to provide a mild electric shock to users during games to simulate pain. Although the shock is not said to actually cause pain, it is supposedly enough to cause involuntary muscle spasms - enough perhaps to make a gamer drop his controller. Speaking to the New Scientist, Product Manager Steven Sandwisch called the shocks "tingling low-power electrical stimulus". The prototype features electrode pads to attach to the forearms and when stimulated (for instance by an opponent's punch or kick), delivers a 16 milliamp shock from three 1.5 volt batteries. Crikey. The idea is to harness the already prevalent rumble technology featured on many games consoles to stimulate the shocks. BioForce has been demonstrated using a PlayStation 2, but it may be a long time before it emerges onto the consumer market thanks to the reams of safety regulations that will have to be reviewed. It'll be interesting to see if BioForce gets off the ground, and how the average teenage PlayStation 2 owner will take to it. Good grief.

Source - FGN Online

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