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Sega's other adventures

You've seen the Dreamcast news (look left), now hear the rest!

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If you haven't taken a look at our Dreamcast special elsewhere on the website, you ought to get on with that as a matter of course, but it's fair to say that Sega have been busy working across the board, and we thought given their efforts, it would be only fair to let on to the rest of their works. Obviously now that they're a third party developer, they have big plans for a number of formats. Their strength in franchise games for a start means every console under the sun gets a Sonic title, and classics like Toejam and Earl finally get a look in again. The biggest announcement for Sega though was being seconded as a major development force on Xbox. Not to be outdone by rivals Electronic Arts, who announced 10 titles (story), Sega announced 11 games making their way to Xbox, including some big names. Here's a rundown on the titles so far announced:

Crazy Taxi Next (working title)

House of the Dead 3

Jet Set Radio Future

Panzer Dragoon

Sega GT 2002

Sega Sports NFL 2K2

Sega Sports NBA 2K2

Sega also promises to supply a number of Sports titles in preparation of Xbox broadband going online in 2002. The 2K3 lineup, as yet unannounced (well it'll be Sega Sports NFL 2K3 and Sega Sports NBA 2K3 for a start - can I have a Pulitzer?), will all feature internet compatibility, and we reckon Sega and Microsoft will use their considerable marketing bonce to arrange things like World Series tournaments that do actually encompass the entire planet. Personally this writer can't wait to get his hands on Panzer Dragoon. Arguably the only game that it was worth owning a Saturn for returns to Xbox? I'll have a piece of that, yum. Making up the rest of Sega's multiplatform campaign are games on GameCube and PlayStation 2, with a number of titles also planned on GameBoy Advance. GameCube receives a helping of Phantasy Star Online goodness with its own release of Version 2, cementing the prospect of a proper GameCube network strategy, as well as Super Monkey Ball (working title apparently), which "delivers colorful graphics, bright upbeat music and exciting gameplay with an adorable monkey (in a ball!) and challenges players to maneuver a ball by quickly tilting the floor and getting the ball safely to the end of the stage without letting it fall off the edges". The console also gets its hands on the latest Virtua Striker game, Ver.2002 (working title), which will hopefully shape up a little better than the abysmal Dreamcast release, which excelled itself with repetitive slide-tackle midfield work, low-detail graphics and annoying sound effects. Nintendo also scored at least three titles for GameBoy Advance. Those named so far are classic puzzle game ChuChu Rocket, with linkup option and over 2500 puzzle boards, Sonic The Hedgehog Advance, a return to the classic side-scrolling Sega gameplay of yore, and Advanced Columns, Sega's version of Tetris revamped. The PlayStation 2 gets its fair share as well. Although we've yet to hear of a strong online gaming lineup for the console from Sony, Sega does plan to export Space Channel 5, the funky dancing adventure game we honestly weren't too hot about, and another music-driven title from the same team, K-Project. Finally Sega are working on Virtua Fighter 4, and this is the one we're really interested in. Everything from the original arcade hit makes it over, plus new characters, new moves, more of the same stunning visuals and possibly a guest appearance from the kitchen sink.

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