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IL2 test flight delayed

November launch for World War II flight sim

UbiSoft has good news and bad news for flight sim fans. The bad news is that the release of the eagerly anticipated IL2 Sturmovik, which UbiSoft acquired the publishing rights for during their recent take-over of Germany company Blue Byte, has been delayed until November. The good news is that this extra time is apparently going to be used for "additional fine-tuning" and to "add even more polish to the game". According to UbiSoft's Vincent Munoz, "whilst gamers must wait a little longer, a November release allows us and the developers at Maddox Games time to ensure that the final game is even better and becomes a benchmark title in the genre".

License to IL? [you're fired .. again - pun Ed.]

IL2 is a rather unique flight sim which concentrates on the air war on the Eastern Front between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. The centerpiece of the game is obviously the eponymous ground-attack aircraft described as a "flying tank" by the Russians, but the game will also include around twenty other German, Russian and American lend-lease planes, as well as support for up to 32 players to battle it out on the internet.

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