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Korean company invests in Artifact's massively multiplayer RPG

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It doesn't seem so long ago that Artifact Entertainment was in deep financial crisis, with their massively multiplayer sci-fi role-playing game Horizons apparently about to sink without trace mid-way through development. Since then the company has recovered though, and the latest group to invest in the game is NCsoft, who will now be publishing Horizons in their native Korea and across the rest of Asia.

Although we must admit that we've never heard of them before, NCsoft's Lineage is apparently the most popular massively multiplayer game in the world, with its two million active subscribers putting even the likes of EverQuest and Ultima Online to shame. It just goes to show how totally gaming mad the Koreans are. This new deal with Artifact means that NCsoft will be handling Asian servers for Horizons as well as distributing the game, with a simultaneous release across Asia and North America. There's still no word on the game's European release, but the press release announcing this latest deal does say that "players all over the world can be assured that the future of HORIZONS is not only bright, but will be carried out in many languages as well".

Source - press release

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