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CPU war intensifies

AMD to drop prices the day after Intel

The computing world was shocked recently to learn that Intel intends to cut its Pentium 4 prices by as much as 50%. Now it seems that AMD, whose chips outperform Intel's under a lot of circumstances, have marked their clear intent to drop prices themselves on the 30th of April, a day after Intel's reductions. Although AMD hasn't revealed where it aims to pitch its new pricing, it will have to make some serious effort to improve upon Intel's $352 price tag to retail for the 1.7GHz Pentium 4. At that price, many consumers will be swayed by the numbers. Athlon prices are already at an all time low, so we doubt that the reductions will go as far as Intel's have. At its current price in the States, AMD's 1.33GHz Athlon retails for approximately $220. Related Feature - P4 price cuts!

Source - AMD Zone