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P4 price cuts

Intel announces dramatic changes in pricing

Although a sweeping architectural change, uptake of the Pentium 4 has been marginalised by restrictive pricing. In order to try and get more chips into the homes of consumers and business users alike, Intel has announced dramatic pricedrops to take place over the next month in the States. The price of a chip sold to wholesale will drop as much as 50% The new pricing will be as follows -

15th April, 2001

P4 1.5GHz from $631 to $519

P4 1.4GHz from $423 to $375

29th April, 2001

P4 1.7GHz from $701 to $361

P4 1.5GHz from $519 to $256

P4 1.4GHz from $375 to $193

The notable drops are thought to be an attempt on Intel's part to fight AMD on their own level. AMD's 1.33GHz processor has debuted at just under $300 in the States, and this new pricing strategy could effectively bring Intel into line with that. Now if only the cost of the motherboards and RAMBUS memory would go down... Related Feature - Pentium 4 Review

Source - press release

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