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ELSA target budget graphics market

Aggressive pricing and new GeForce MX-based cards

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ELSA is starting to promote new graphics cards in its "Gladiac" series, with the announcement today of three new cards and a price drop. The "Gladiac 511" uses the recently announced MX 400 GPU, aimed at "home or office multi-media users and PC gamers who will appreciate the performance of the 200MHz processor." The three cards are the Gladiac 511 TV-Out, Gladiac 511 TwinView and Gladiac TwinView PCI. The first costs £119.99 taking the onboard TV-Out port (S-Video) into consideration, whilst the other two retail for £99.99 each. MX has always been aimed at office as well as home users, and the new pricing strategy and broad featureset pretty much confirms that. According to an ELSA spokesperson, the original Gladiac MX is to retail at £89.99 from this day forward. MX cards have steadily dropped in price for a fortnight, with ABit and Chaintech models regularly appearing in bargain bins for less than £70.

Source - press release

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