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Unreal2.com shows off

Legend launch impressive website to showcase Unreal successor

We're not sure who the voluptuous young lady on Unreal2.com is, but she does a good job of selling the game. The new website, launched just recently by Legend, showcases the successor to the familiar Unreal organ. Unreal II, for those who don't know, follows on not from the multiplayer digression, but the original Unreal, taking place in the same fictitious universe as the original, albeit with different main player characters and locations. Instead of taking on the guise of a stranded prisoner, this time you're the lone representative of the Law in a distant sector of space, piloting a small ship called the Atlantis with the aid of three; Ne'Ban is your trusty alien pilot, Isaak is an engineer who keeps the ship running, and Aida acts as your Intelligence officer. Things are fairly normal until interstellar war breaks out, and you are caught in the middle of the fighting, and must balance your responsibility to protect the colonists, archaeologists, miners, and other civilians in your sector... with the duty to discover the source of the conflict and put an end to the war. This is presumably where the "Unreal Warfare" rumours came from, unless Epic is working on something else. [They are - Ed] The single player game takes the form of a series of missions linked by the narrative framework of the game's story. Missions may take place in the dense jungle of a tropical planet, in the ancient ruins of an alien city, deep underground in a warren of tunnels, on the molten surface of a hellish volcanic world, in the bowels of an alien industrial facility, in the endless oceans of a water-bound world, or on board an enemy starship. There are more than ten unique settings, each with its own distinct look and production design. More information can be found on the website, which makes interesting reading. The website also features a gallery of screenshots, including a couple of comparatives, which show how early design sketches were translated to code. It also features a FAQ, several wallpaper downloads (so far) and a Community Forum, which is already buzzing with anticipation.

Source - Unreal2.com