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Incoming Redundancy!

Daily Radar to fire 75% of its UK content operation

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We have it on good authority that Future Publishing is about to lay off 75% of its Daily Radar content operation as part of "Internet restructuring". Eight people including the editor are believed to be on the way to a P45, although it is presently unknown why Future are scaling back the portal operation quite so dramatically. Future declined to comment when we spoke to them this lunchtime, but admitted that editor Andy Smith wasn't in the office today. Unlucky staff are thought to be making arrangements this afternoon amidst uncertainty over their future at the company. The infamous Daily Radar has risen to the position of the United Kingdom's biggest leisure and gaming website after an enormously successful push in the USA. There is no word on the operation overseas, but the redundancies are presently thought to centre on the UK operation.

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