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New Millennium welcomes New Millennium

Hi-speed, high-performance Internet gaming for every platform under the sun!

Former CEO Brad Huang and CTO Lynn MacConnell have today announced the launch of New Millennium Entertainment, LLC, a company dedicated to providing "Gaming At the Speed of Light", or thereabouts, through an elaborate online network with support for the PC as well as all Internet-ready gaming consoles. According to the press release, "New Millennium Entertainment was created to feature a dedicated online gaming infrastructure to deliver a high-speed, low-latency experience for all gaming platforms." Apart from its founders, the company also boasts a widespread presence of former employees, hung out to dry by the Dreamcast's rapid-approaching extinction. The new service sounds remarkably similar to the original vision for Wireplay, which had customers dialing in at 2.5p per minute to experience incredibly low-latency online gaming. The service bred some of the most impressive Quakeworld teams in the country. "New Millennium is the antidote to generic Internet connections plagued with network lags that make online gaming nearly impossible," said Brad Huang. Thanks to the wealth of industry knowledge that the former employees bring to the fold, the company stands a good chance of outlasting its competition. The company will start testing its systems mid-March, and should be available to consumers in the US and Canada soon. Related Feature - Broadband Consoles - A Pipe Dream?

Source - press release

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