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NetGames 0800

New gaming-focused unmetered ISP launches tomorrow in the UK

, the self-proclaimed "first Gaming Internet Service Provider" (which is about on a par with everyone's favourite "WuRldS 1st InTerneT GaMinG P0rt4L!") have announced that their new unmetered service will officially go live tomorrow after "a long beta-period and delays for last minute changes". They are limiting the service to just 2500 users to start with, hoping to avoid the overcrowding problems which have plagued other unmetered ISPs, causing slow-downs, outages and engaged tones for frustrated users.

NetGames UK are offering a free 48 hour trial, after which the service will cost you the princely sum of £25 a month. The service is available round the clock, but users will be booted off every three hours, which is still somewhat more generous than many other unmetered ISPs on this side of the pond. If ADSL and cable modems aren't available in your area and you need a way to keep your phone bills down without making your pings even worse than they already are, this may be just the ticket. Head over to the sign-up page to see if you were quick enough to be one of the lucky few.

Meanwhile NetGames UK have big plans for the future, with the press release announcing the new 0800 service claiming that "industry pundits are citing NGUK as the ISP for multiplayer fanatics most likely to succeed where Barrysworld failed". Managing Director Andy Jones comments that "by February 15th we will have 252 dedicated servers. By March, there will be no stopping NetgamesUK. I can assure you that we will be the number one Gaming Internet Service Provider in the UK." Shortly thereafter he broke down in fits of diabolical laughter while stroking a large dopey-looking white cat with a diamond collar. Rumours that NetGames UK are building a new top secret headquarters on an abandoned oil rig in the North Sea have been strenuously denied...