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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Halo Xbox Exclusive?

PC and Mac releases brought into question

Sources at Electronics Boutique in the States have been quoted as saying that EBWorld (the company's online presence) will no longer be accepting pre-orders for the PC version of Halo, as they were informed by those in higher positions in the company that Halo would be an Xbox exclusive title. This is remarkable, since EBWorld are renowned for accepting pre-orders for just about everything. If Microsoft are making such a change, it may well prove a significant turning point in their Xbox battle plan. Previously Halo was due out on all formats with the Xbox first, but it is known that Microsoft are interested primarily in getting the Xbox version into the limelight. The word from VoodooExtreme today is that the PR representative for Halo only has information that the game is due out on PC, Mac and Xbox. We should receive an update later this week. But in the long term, if this is a legitimate change, what does it mean for the PC platform? It could well mean that any company under Microsoft's ownership or supervision develops first and foremost for the Xbox with no pre-requisite for a PC version. This has of course been a worry all along, but it looks like we now have cause to take it more seriously. Related Feature - Thinking About The Box

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