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Intel Confirm P4 1.3GHz Release

We didn’t think it was a rumour, and Intel are now agreeing with us.

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Yesterday afternoon we reported on rumours that the American branch of Dell Computers was taking orders for "Dimension" series PCs based on the new 1.3GHz Pentium 4 part. Intel had previously claimed that the processor would not see the light of the corporate showroom until the 29th of this month. The reason for the early release, according to an Intel spokesperson quoted at The Register, is that the company wants to offer a "broader range of options" to customers, and that to this end they have started to ship the part to their OEM customers in bulk ahead of demand. The UK branch of Dell is now stocking 1.3GHz Pentium 4 systems for less than £1,000, although for some incomprehensible reason, said systems use TNT2-based graphics cards. In related news, Intel is said to be suing Rambus by CNBC. Details of the suit, if they do exist, are thin on the ground. Related Feature - CPUs on the Move

Source - The Register

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