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Armored Core 6 player beats game with no weapons, just punches

Who said you shouldn't bring fists to a gun fight?

It's only been a few days since Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon released, and yet fans are already finding unique ways to play.

Although a core appeal of the game's mechas are the fun guns and lasers you can outfit your robot with, you can still have a great time without them.

This is what YouTuber ZeroLenny set out to prove by beating Armored Core 6 without any weapons - no guns, no rockets, just pure force and punches.

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The idea of a no-weapons run stemmed from chats with fellow YouTuber VaatiVidya, who told ZeroLenny that if you deploy into a mission without any arm weapons equipped, you'll punch enemies instead.

It looked like an impossible task at first, as in the tutorial you can't unequip the guns the game provides you, but ZeroLenny then discovered that charging into enemies with a jetpack boost will deal damage, paving the way for an entire no-weapons run.

However, with attacks limited to just punches and charging into enemies with the jetpack boost, the tutorial boss ended up as "one of the hardest fights in the entire run", ZeroLenny said, as it was a long game of dodging and charging. He called the tutorial boss "a huge test in patience, a common theme with this run".

ZeroLenny admitted this no-weapons run was not as fun as other challenges he's tried before, but said it was still "amazing fun" discovering tactics such as stun-locking, which were essential to his melee build.

In our five-star review of Armored Core 6, Caelyn praised the balance struck between "building and blasting" in the game. More recently, players have discovered the Moonlight Greatsword in Armored Core 6, continuing a long-running Easter egg in FromSoftware's games.

If you want to watch ZeroLenny's video in full, I've embedded it below.

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