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Armored Core 6 includes iconic Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls

Mechs a return.

Armored Core 6 features the Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls, which makes it a Soulslike.

I jest of course. The Armored Core series is very much its own thing. But the inclusion of this iconic weapon is a fun Easter egg present through most FromSoftware games.

The weapon first appeared in the studio's 1994 game King's Field as the Moonlight Sword and has since appeared in most of its games in various guises, from Dark Souls to Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and past Armored Core games.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon story trailer.Watch on YouTube

Armored Core 6 is no different, then, though here the weapon is named IA-C01W2: Moonlight, a light wave blade.

Players can customise their mech with a multitude of weapons, though melee attacks with swords are particularly potent. The Moonlight sword can additionally be charged to emit large waves of light, making it an especially powerful weapon.

So where can it be found? It's hidden away in a treasure chest in the middle of a lake at the end of Chapter Four (thanks Kotaku). Finding it isn't too hard, but you'll need to complete the mission and defeat a tricky boss to acquire it.

Armored Core 6 released last week and has already become a notoriously difficult game, its first boss in particular. The powerful Moonlight sword will definitely be a big help later on.

We called Armored Core 6 "hands down the best mech game" in Eurogamer's Armored Core 6 review. "With its uncanny ability to mix approachability with complexity, lean action with combat depth, Armored Core 6 sets the new standard for what mecha games can do."

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