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Apex Legends Challenges - Daily, Weekly Challenges explained, how to get Stars and Apex Legends reset times explained

Everything you need to know about the Daily and Weekly Challenges in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Daily, Weekly and Weekly Recurring Challenges have arrived with the introduction of Season 2.

Completing these Challenges will reward you with Battle Pass Levels and Stars, which, combined with your Match Experience, can be converted into more Battle Pass Levels. The more Challenges you complete, the faster you will climb through the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass tiers and the more rewards you will reap.

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What is the Challenge System in Apex Legends?

The new Challenge System is here to help you climb the ranks of Apex Legend's Season 2 Battle Pass. There are three types of Challenges - Daily, Weekly and Weekly Recurring.

Completing Daily, Weekly and Weekly Recurring Challenges will reward you with a mixture of Stars and Battle Pass levels. If you collect a certain number of Stars, then you'll unlock another Battle Pass level. You'll want to go unlock as many Battle Pass levels as possible, because, with every new level, you'll receive a reward.

Season 2's Battle Pass rewards include character specific loading screens, weapon skins and music packs. You can find a full list of the Battle Pass rewards, and the levels they unlock at, by clicking the Battle Pass tab in the Apex Legends Lobby.

Daily Challenges in Apex Legends Season 2 explained

You can see your current Daily Challenges in the Lobby.

Everyday will you given three new, randomly selected, Daily Challenges.

These challenges can range from 'Play 1 Game as Wraith' to 'Get 3 knockdown as Mirage.'

Daily Challenges are designed to be completed in short play sessions, meaning they can easily be achieved alongside the tougher Weekly Challenges.

Completing a Daily Challenge will reward you with 3,000 Stars, meaning there is a total of 9,000 Stars up for grabs each day.

Don't worry if you're stuck on a particular Challenge - they reset every day and with over 200 options, so you're unlikely to get the same one twice!

Weekly Challenges in Apex Legends Season 2 explained

Every week there will be seven new Weekly Challenges released in Apex Legends Season 2. A Weekly Challenge could be anything from looting a supply bin in a specific area to dealing a certain amount of damage.

Weekly Challenges are divided into 13 different Challenge pools. Every week you'll randomly receive one of these pools, which means that you might not have the same Weekly Challenges as your squadmates. By the end of Season 2, however, every player will have experienced every Weekly Challenge - just not in the same order.

Weekly Challenges also roll over from week to week. This means that if you started playing Apex Legends Season 2 during Week 2, then you will still be able to complete the Weekly Challenges from Week 1. So don't worry if you weren't able to complete a Challenge in the week of its release!

Beneath every Weekly Challenge there will be at least one diamond shaped outline. These diamonds inform you how many steps there are to complete a Challenge. If there is one diamond, for example, then you only have to successfully complete the Challenge once to receive your reward.

If a Challenge has more than one diamond, however, then it has multiple steps. Every time you complete a step, filling in a diamond, the Challenge will alter slightly. The Challenge 'Open 5 supply bins in the Swamp,' for example, might change to 'Open 5 supply bins in Relay.'

Below are some of the Weekly Challenges we've encountered so far.

Multiple Step Weekly Challenges:

  1. Open 5 supply bins in Water Treatment - (Reward: 1 Battle Pass Level)
  2. Open 5 supply bins in Swamps - (Reward: 1 Battle Pass Level)
  3. ...and so on.

One Step Weekly Challenges:

  • Get 15 knockdown with light machine guns - (Reward: 1 Battle Pass Level)
  • Get 20 kills as Gibraltar, Bangalore or Mirage - (Reward: 6000 Stars)
  • Deal 750 damage in a single match - (Reward: 6000 Stars)
  • Scan 20 enemies as Bloodhound - (Reward: 6000 Stars)
  • Loot 100 epic items - (Reward: 6000 Stars)
You can view the Weekly Challenges by selecting the Challenges tab in the Lobby.

There are two different types of rewards you can receive from completing a Weekly Challenge.

The first is Stars. Four Challenges will reward you with 6,000 Stars each upon their completion, totalling in 24,000 Stars per week. The second is Battle Pass Levels. Three Challenges will reward you with an entire Battle Pass Level, helping you reach those higher tier rewards.

What are Stars in Apex Legends Season 2?

Stars are a specific type of XP for the Battle Pass for Apex Legends Season 2. This means that Stars do not have an impact on the progression of your overall Account Level.

You can collect Stars by completing both Daily and Weekly Challenges. Stars are then combined with the amount of Match Experience you have earned to contribute to one of the Weekly Resetting Challenges.

Weekly Recurring Challenges in Apex Legends Season 2 explained

Weekly Recurring Challenges are three special Challenges, which will reset at the end of every week even if you have completed them. These Challenges will stay the same throughout Season 2.

Two Weekly Recurring Challenges are focused on completing Daily Challenges:

  • Complete 5 Daily Challenges - (Reward: 1 Battle Pass level)
  • Complete 10 Daily Challenges - (Reward: 1 Battle Pass level)

The third is a unique Challenge that can be completed multiple times a week and uses the Stars you've been collecting from completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.

For every 9,000 Stars and/or Match Experience you earn, you'll be rewarded with 1 Battle Pass Level. Once you have completed this Challenge, the amount of Stars and/or Match Experience you need to complete the Challenge will increase by 9,000. This increase is capped at 54,000 Stars and/or Match Experience.

Below is the full list of Stars and/or Match Experience for this Challenge:

  • 9,000 Stars and/or Match Experience
  • 18,000 Stars and/or Match Experience
  • 27,000 Stars and/or Match Experience
  • 36,000 Stars and/or Match Experience
  • 45,000 Stars and/or Match Experience
  • 54,000 Stars and/or Match Experience

No matter how far you have progressed with this challenge, it will always reset to requiring 9,000 Stars and/or Match Experience at the beginning of every week.

There are timers to tell you when both the Daily and Weekly Recurring Challenges Reset.

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When is Apex Legend's Daily Challenge reset time and Weekly Challenge release date?

Apex Legends Daily Challenges change at the following times:

  • UK: 11am (BST)
  • Europe: 12pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 6am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 3am (PDT)

New Apex Legends Weekly Challenges appear and Weekly Recurring Challenges reset at the following times:/

  • UK: 1am Wednesday (BST)
  • Europe: 2:am Wednesday(CEST)
  • East Coast US: 8pm Tuesday(EDT)
  • West Coast: 5pm Tuesday (PDT)

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