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Apex Legends averaged more players in August 2022 than ever before

Gibby more.

Apex Legends has set another record, setting a new minimum daily peak count of 329,041 players on Steam last month.

As that only reflects the number of players on Steam and doesn't account for the thousands of players hot-dropping on console, too, it's a significant milestone for Respawn's fan-favourite battle royale, and is further bolstered by the shooter's recently revised concurrent player peak, which was also broken earlier this month.

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As evidenced on SteamDB and spotted by PCGN, in July, the minimum daily peak was 311,275, but in August jumped to 329,041 players.

The average daily peak has gone up, too; whilst the previous high of 339,363 was set in May when Season 13 released, it now sits at 414,130.

As Apex Legends' new peak player count of 500,000+ was set during the launch of Season 14, it suggests that whatever metric you prefer to use to gauge success, Apex Legends is a winner... and that's despite efforts to mobilise fans with the #NoApexAugust protest.

"Fun, chaotic, and built on fantastically snappy gunplay, Respawn's surprise battle royale hit the floor running, and we fell for it faster than Bangalore drop, shock and locks," I wrote in my recent State of the Game summary of Apex Legends.

"Apex Legends' arrival was smooth, too, immediately feeling polished, and it offered a frantic, pacey twist on the battle royale formula. It became our go-to game, not for a few weeks or months, but for years… but the wheels started to fall off for us when Apex Legends introduced skill-based matchmaking."

For a closer look at Season 14 of Apex Legends, check out our guide all about it here.

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