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Apex Legends' new season hits all-time Steam peak player count

That Vantage advantage!

Following the launch of Season 14, which is known as Hunted, Apex Legends has seen a new peak player count on Steam.

In fact, over 500,000 concurrent players joined in with Respawn's battle-royale, following the season's release on Tuesday.

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends: Hunted Launch Trailer
The launch trailer for Apex Legends: Hunted.

This is a first for the shooter, Twitter account AlphaINTEL noted.

Meanwhile, ahead of Season 14's release, the developer shared further details on new Apex Legend hero, Vantage.

In terms of gameplay, Vantage's abilities are based around two core elements. These are her sniper rifle and her bat-like companion Echo, which are sure to give her an advantage in the game.

In the words of Respawn, "Vantage knows not to reveal her position until her prey has no chance of escaping".

Her arrival in the game came alongside a variety of new changes to the Kings Canyon map. For example, there is now a new Relic point of interest, which, as Matt reported previously, is designed to help create a little bit more breathing space on the map in the early to mid game so squad battles are less likely to be interrupted by third parties.

There are also several other smaller changes to this map, with areas such as caves and connecting bridges now being tweaked to improve things like traffic flow and pace throughout.

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