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Anthem down to £32.85 on pre-order

Get out that cache.

BioWare's latest action-RPG Anthem is available to pre-order for the surprisingly low price of £32.85 at ShopTo on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You'll need to put it in the basket to see the discount.

Set in a future world where humanity is reaching the end of its tether, players across different settlements must work (and fight) together to defend themselves against numerous threats.

Among these are an upcoming storm and hostile group the Dominion, whose sole goal is weaponizing an item known as the Anthem of Creation. Luckily, there's a range of insanely powerful mech-suits to don and futuristic weapons to wield, as well as other players to join in with the fighting.

That's fortunate because, according to the trailer, Anthem is rife with strange beasts, evil mechs and overgrown ruins. Narrative-wise, BioWare has promised weekly stories following the 22nd February release.

Although the game will be entirely online, players do have the option to complete Anthem solo, as well as co-op options.

Odds are you'll be needing some decent space for the upcoming open-world action game: as such, take a look at our Xbox One hard drive and PlayStation 4 external hard drive guides. Happy deal hunting (and future mech flying)!