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Animal Crossing New Horizons is going cheap at John Lewis right now

Nintendo's newest powerhouse is down in price for everyone.

Perhaps in anticipation of all the Black Friday sales on their way, John Lewis have lowered the price of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch down to a very reasonable £36.99. Considering that New Horizons was one of 2020's biggest games, isn't exactly old, and that Nintendo hates lowering its prices, this might be the best price we see on it for the foreseeable future.

New Horizons took the world by storm back in March with its dependable gameplay and lovable characters, in which players build and maintain their own little island community in real time. If you ever needed a nice escape to get through long holidays or winter nights, this would be it.

John Lewis haven't made it clear how long this deal will last for, but it's worth grabbing because it seems unlikely you'll get a copy for a significantly lower price at any time in the immediate future.

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Of course, there's no shortage of Nintendo deals going right now if Animal Crossing isn't your particular jam. We've outlined the best of them right now at our Black Friday Nintendo Switch hub page, where there's already good deals springing up for you to check out, and which we'll be updating in real time! Alternatively, head to the Jelly Deals Twitter page for all the best deals and discounts across the internet!