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Amy Hennig's new Marvel game rumoured to star Captain America and Black Panther in WW2

Official reveal coming tomorrow.

Ahead of its official unveiling at tomorrow's Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, new rumours have emerged surrounding Skydance Media and Amy Hennig's upcoming Marvel title.

Announced last October, few official details have so-far been shared on the project beyond the fact it'll be a "narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure" set in the Marvel universe.

However, Marvel rumour collator MCU Status is now reporting that Hennig's game takes place during World War 2, and will see Captain America and Black Panther taking on the forces of Hydra. Eurogamer understands this to be correct.

Cover image for YouTube videoMarvel's Avengers Expansion: Black Panther | War for Wakanda Cinematic Trailer
Black Panther also got his own story adventure in Marvel's Avengers last year.

Luckily, we should have first official details on the project very soon, with Disney having already confirmed it'll be giving viewers a "sneak peek" at Hennig's Marvel project during its game-focused digital showcase, airing tomorrow, 9th September, at 9pm in the UK/1pm PT.

Alongside Hennig's game, Disney is promising "all-new announcements" during the showcase, as well as additional details on previously revealed games. There'll be more from Disney Dreamlight Valley, for instance, plus additional news on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and the recently delayed Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Skydance New Media - which Hennig helped establish after joining Skydance in 2019 - is also working on a "richly-cinematic action-adventure game" set in the Star Wars universe, but Disney has made no mention of that in relation to tomorrow's event.

Interestingly, if today's rumours turn out to be true, Hennig's project could be one of two Black-Panther-starring video games currently in the works. Back in August, it was reported that EA is developing, albeit in the "very early stages", a new single-player, open-world game based on the Black Panther series.