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See how Alan Wake 2 uses live-action footage to create unsettling Dark Place

All nightmare long.

A brand-new and rather unsettling trailer for Alan Wake 2 rounded off Gamescom Opening Night Live this evening.

Remedy's creative director Sam Lake introduced the trailer for the upcoming sequel, addressing Alan's struggle (putting it mildly) to escape the "nightmare dimension" of the Dark Place. This is somewhere the poor novelist has been trapped for the last 13 years, because yes it really has been that long since the first Alan Wake was originally released.

The new trailer was a combination of in-game live-action footage, in-game cinematics and gameplay, with Lake stating this was to show "the dream-like nature of the Dark Place".

It is all suitably twisted, as you would expect, with the titular Alan informing us "in a horror story, there are only victims and monsters, and the trick is not to end up as either... but, trapped by the genre, we are all ripped to pieces along the way". Have a watch for yourself below.

Alan Wake 2 World Premiere Trailer | gamescom Opening Night Live 2023.Watch on YouTube

Earlier this month, Remedy announced its plans to delay the release of Alan Wake 2 by ten days, in a bid to avoid clashing with the release of other games.

Originally set to release on 17th October, it will now be released on 27th October, across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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