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Actionloop Twist launches on WiiWare

But there's nothing new on Virtual Console.

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Actionloop Twist is the solitary addition to the Wii Shop this week. It's a WiiWare title that costs 1000 Wii Points (GBP 7.00 / EUR 10.00 approx).

If the name rings a bell, it's because Actionloop Twist is a, er, twist on the DS game Actionloop, which we wrote up very favourably back in February last year, deciding it was "a worthy addition to your DS puzzle collection".

The idea is to fire coloured marbles at other coloured marbles that are snaking their way around the screen on a meandering collision course with the centrepoint. You can delete coloured marbles by cannoning them into groups or three or more.

The Wii version is controlled using the Wiimote and supports four players in co-operative or competitive multiplayer modes. According to the game's Wikipedia page-fillers, it also has Mii support and the Remote can be used to fling marbles over their friends. However, while there are challenge and quest modes, the DS game's puzzle mode is reportedly ditched.

Elsewhere on the Wii Shop, Nintendo is not offering you anything on the Virtual Console this week for some reason. Recent weeks have buried us in all sorts of foreign treats that were never released in Europe, as part of a Hanabi Festival.

The arrival of those overpriced oldies is the only reason we can think of for deciding not to add anything this week. Unfortunately Nintendo was unavailable to comment. We just double-checked the Wii Shop shelves again and they're still bare.

Look out for our review of Actionloop Twist soon.

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