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6 months of Xbox Live Gold with 1000 Apex coins for £15

Get [Au]n it.

You can nab six months of Xbox Live Gold along with 1000 Apex Coins for £14.99 at Amazon right now - there are around 19 hours left of the deal at the time of writing.

Xbox Live Gold is necessary for playing online with titles such as Sea of Thieves and Fortnite. You'll also get exclusive members deals of up to 75 per cent on digital games, including the likes of Blood Bowl 2, Red Redemption 2 and Blackwood Crossing.

Xbox Live Gold

Meanwhile, Live Gold also includes Games with Gold, which will grant you free games each month. Current titles available include The Golf Club 2019 and arcade game Comic Jumper.

Apex Coins are of course the in-game currency for Respawn's battle royale, Apex Legends. They're used to buy new cosmetic items for characters and weapons, Apex Packs, and to unlock new characters through the in-game store. 100 Apex Coins usually costs £7.99.

Ensure you've got plenty of space for all those new titles with our Xbox One hard drive storage guide.

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