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374k US Wii MotionPlus sales in June

But NPD data shows big year-on-year drops.

Year-on-year sales of consoles and games were down considerably in the US this June, according to the latest NPD data, but Nintendo managed to sell more than a million units of DS and Wii combined and MotionPlus made an impressive impact.

The Wii remote add-on, which launched on 8th June, sold 374,000 units in bundles with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Grand Slam Tennis and as a standalone accessory, despite the fact its arguable standard-bearer, Wii Sports Resort, is still a week away.

That presumably helped the Wii rack up its 361,700 sales, which is an improvement on last month's 289,500, while Xbox 360 sold 240,600, up from 175,000 in May, and PS3 also made a modest gain, selling 164,700 compared to 131,000 last month.

Inevitably though the DS powered ahead of everything else with 766,500, up more than 100,000 sales since last month. Nintendo subsequently said 424,000 of those were DSi sales while its predecessor did 342,000. Overall hardware sales were still down a whopping 38 per cent year-on-year, mind you.

Software sales, meanwhile, were down 29 per cent year-on-year, with Activision's Prototype doing the most business - the Xbox 360 version sold 419,900 units. UFC 2009 for 360 was second with 338,300, followed by a trio of Wii titles - EA Sports Active (289,100), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (272,400) and Wii Fit (271,600).

The sixth-to-tenth most popular games in June were Fight Night Round 4 on 360 (260,800), the same game on PS3 (210,300), Mario Kart Wii (202,100), Red Faction: Guerrilla on 360 (199,400) and PS3 exclusive inFamous (192,700).

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