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£1000 SoulCalibur Impact 2012 tournament announced


Namco Bandai has announced a Europe-wide tournament for fighting game SoulCalibur 5, out today.

The tournament is called SoulCalibur Impact 2012. The UK event takes place at St. Stephen's Rosslyn Hill in London on 17th March - the same day as the European Grand Final.

The ultimate winner gets a £1000 cash prize and a Soul Edge replica trophy.

The tournament schedule in full:

  • Belgium - March 10th at Utopolis in Mechelen.
  • Denmark -start on the 11th of February (Online tournament in partnership with Gamereactor) .
  • Finland - February 11th at Katariinankatu 18 in Pori.
  • France - March 10th in Paris (in partnership with FNAC) .
  • Germany - February 25th at the Kolner Jugendpark in Koln.
  • Italy - February 8th at the Straf Hotel in Milan.
  • Netherlands - March 10th at the Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam.
  • Norway - start on the 11th of February (Online tournament in partnership with Gamersparadise) .
  • Poland - February 25th at the Lucid Club in Warsaw.
  • Portugal - February 25th , online tournament.
  • Russia - February 19th at MediaMarkt in Moscow.
  • Singapore - March 3rd at e2MAX@Cinleleisure in Singapore.
  • Spain - February 25th at the HUB Madrid in Madrid.
  • Sweden - February 18th at the Gamer Meetup in Stockholm.
  • Switzerland - February 18th at the Club Block in Zurich.
  • United Kingdom - March 17th at St Stephen's Rosslyn Hill in London.

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