Pokémon Go Daily Bonus - Rewards for streaks and first catch and Pokéstop of each day

Here's how much XP and Stardust you get for playing Pokémon Go each day.


For those still playing Pokémon Go after its colossal summer debut, developer Niantic is rewarding players who regularly check in with a series of Pokémon Go Daily Bonuses, which could be the perfect incentive to go outdoors in these cold winter months.

How to get involved is quite simple - just catch Pokémon and visit PokéStops as you would as usual, and as long as you do it every day for an entire week, you'll get even more rewards too.

Pokémon Go's Daily Bonus rewards and how they work

For the first Pokémon you catch and the first PokéStop you spin each day, you'll earn some additional XP and Stardust.

It doesn't matter what Pokémon or PokéStop you spin - it can be the same you visit each other day - as you'll still earn the reward for that day.

If you do this seven days in a row, you'll then earn a larger bonus - essentially more of what you receive on previous days, as the below table shows.

On top of this, for the 7 day PokeStop streak, your chances of receiving an elusive Special Item - such as King's Rock, Sun Stone, Up-Grade, Dragon Scale or a Metal Coat - increases.

ActivityOne day reward7 day reward
Catching a Pokémon500 XP, 600 Stardust2000 XP, 2400 Stardust
Visiting a PokéStop500 XP, Additional items2000 XP, Even more additional items including a possible Special Item
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Other things to know about Pokémon Go Daily Bonuses and streaks

  • The Daily Bonus you receive is in addition to the rewards you'd get for catching Pokémon or visit a PokéStop - so expect to add (at least) 100 XP or 50 XP for catching and PokeStops respectively.
  • According to Niantic, Daily Bonus eligibility will reset at 12AM local time, so you won't have to wait a full 24 hours after you last caught a Pokémon or spun a PokéStop to continue the streak.
  • Make sure you don't have a full item bag when spinning your first PokeStop, otherwise you won't continue the streak (thanks, TheSilphRoad!)
  • Also, hatching an Egg will not count as a 'catch', so make sure you actually encounter them in the wild to continue the streak. (Also cheers to TheSilphRoad for finding this).
  • This new feature feels in-line with Pokémon Go's Catch Bonus medals update, giving players something a little extra for playing overtime.


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