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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sonapan Shrine solution

Ascending with time.

Link approaching the Sonapan Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image credit: Nintendo

The Sonapan Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be found to the west of Hyrule Fields, up on a cliff on the outer edges of Satori Mountain.

Much like other Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Sonapan Shrine tests you to think outside the box, and utilise Link's abilities in a variety of ways, demanding you have good timing and smart combinations of several abilities like Ultrahand, Ascend and Recall.

These are all acquired from the game's opening Shrines, so once you've got them, you'll be ready to learn how to complete the Sonapan Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Sonapan Shrine location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Sonapan Shrine is found in the western parts of Hyrule Field, more specifically on the eastern outskirts of Satori Mountain.

A map view of the Sonapan Shrine. The right image shows a more zoomed-in view of the area.

Whilst the image shows its specific location, if you haven't yet activated the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower to reveal the map area, the coordinates may be of more use to you: (-1921, -0359, 0228).

Sonapan Shrine solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The first step upon entering the Sonapan Shrine is rather straightforward – using your Ascend ability, jump up to the platform hanging over the ground level you start from.

The platform you need to use the Ascend ability on is directly ahead - run forward until you reach the wall, look up and use the Ascend ability to climb up.

This will lead you to a similar platform to the one you just ascended through, but with no way to climb up and continue through the opening above.

To progress, you'll need a block found in an alcove to the right, but before placing it on top of the platform to climb up, instead use Ultrahand and bring the block across to the alcove on the left side.

Left: The block in the right alcove. Right: Moving the block with Ultrahand to the left alcove.

In this left alcove will be another block, locked to a set of tracks, preventing it from being moved vertically.

That's not a problem though as this is a problem we'll solve using that other block – with Ultrahand, move the block already in the left alcove along the tracks so that it sits below where the chest in the gap on the wall sits.

Then with the other block, use Ultrahand to move and attach it to the top left corner of the other track-bound block – this will hold it up and in place above you.

Left: Moving the track-bound block to the right, below the chest in the wall. Right: Connecting the block from the right alcove to the top left of the other block.

Once that's done, walk underneath the the newly-attached block and use Ascend to reach the top of it.

Jump out on top and then drop down to the other block to open the chest!

Left: Emerging from the top of the block with Ascend. Right: Opening the chest whilst stood on the track-bound block.

Now that's done, we can continue – bring the block you used for ascension, and place it on the platform at the front of this area - this is back to where you first jumped up.

Once it's on top, use Ascend to float up to the top of the block, exiting and continuing through the gap to the next area.

Left: Moving the block on top of the platform above. Right: Using Ascend to reach the top of the block - you can see the green glow from the end of the shrine's area at the top.

This next part is a little bit more tricky, requiring well-timed uses of the Recall ability, as well as Ultrahand and Ascend.

Using Ultrahand, take the block you can see jutting out from the wall on the left, and place it into the corner around to its left, adjacent to the wall near the water.

Left: The block in the open alcove of the wall. Right: Moving the block into the corner adjacent to the wall above the water.

Once it's sat nicely in the corner, lift it directly up as high as possible, and hold it there for a few seconds.

Lifting the block with Ultrahand.

After that, drop the box and swap to Recall – once you've got it equipped, select the box to rewind it back up in the air.

Using Recall to rewind the path we made with our Ultrahand movements, holding the block in place above us.

This will send the box back up, allowing you to use the Ascend ability to jump up and emerge on top of the block.

Emerging on top of the block with the Ascend ability.

Jump to safety on the left, but quickly swap back to Ultrahand to grab the block before it falls – it might take a few attempts to time it all correctly, but go until you've managed to grab the block a second time once up on the new platform.

Holding the block in place with Ultrahand after climbinb up with Ascend.

Once you've got ahold of it, you'll want to push it forward and up towards the central platform sticking out above.

Much like before, hold it in place for a few seconds but instead of letting go, bring the block back to you and hold it in place for another few seconds.

Moving the block up to next to the other platform.

Following this, exit Ultrahand and immediately equip Recall and apply it to the block.

Before applying Recall to the block.

Once that's done, quickly jump onto the box, and when it reaches that higher platform you moved it to, jump off to safety and claim your Light of Blessing ahead.

Standing on the block as the Recall ability carries you along the trajectory on which you moved the block with Ultrahand.

That last part can be tricky to execute, but if you've got the Paraglider, there's a different approach you could take: standing on the first of those final two platforms in the final room, you could move the block to that upper platform, let go and glide down to where it lands, then use Recall to take you straight up to the top.

Left: Standing on the first of the two final platforms, using Ultrahand to move the block, avoiding the objects jutting out of the wall. Middle: Standing on the block after it's fallen down, ready to apply Recall. Right: The block returning to the position we moved it in with Recall.

Either method works, but the Paraglider approach might be worth keeping in mind if you're struggling with the timing.

Otherwise, if there's any other guides or tips you're looking for, be sure to check our full Zelda Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough, complete with Shrine, outfit, quest guides and more.

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