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How to beat Colgera boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to beat the Wind Temple boss.

You have to beat Colgera in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to complete the Wind Temple as part of the Regional Phenomena main quest near Rito Village.

Once you solve all of the Wind Temple puzzles in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and gain access to the hatch below, Colgera will emerge from the hatch after you activate the green circle near it.

Make sure you've got plenty of arrows and a few meals to keep your health steady before touching that green circle if you want to successfully take on the Wind Temple boss. For more tips, we've detailed how to beat the Colgera boss in Tears of the Kingdom below.

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How to beat Colgera boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Wind Temple boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Colgera, a huge flying monster who throws icicles and summons tornadoes across three phases.

Here's how to beat the Wind Temple Boss Colgera during all three phases of the fight:

Colgera Wind Temple boss - Phase 1

Your goal across all three phases of the Colgera boss fight is to use the huge surrounding wind current to control Link's height and get close to the ice weak points, which you can then destroy by slowing down time with your bow, then firing as many arrows as you can.

During the first phase, Colgera's ice weak spot is only exposed when it starts to fire huge icicles at Link. So when the boss starts to fire the icicles, jump and glide over to the weak point before it gets covered up again.

You can actually fall into the weak point to damage it during phase one instead of using arrows, but it's safer if you draw your bow to slow down time, then damage it with your arrows.

Normal arrows worked just fine for us, but it might be quicker to attach bombs or other powerful items to your arrows first.

If you time the landing right, you can smash through Colgera's first weak spot.

When the weak spot is destroyed, Colgera will disappear through a portal, which indicates the start of the second phase.

Colgera Wind Temple boss - Phase 2

Colgera will now periodically go through a portal and emerge from the bottom of the boss arena during the second phase of the fight

To hurt the Wind Temple boss during this second phase, you have to glide below Colgera, making sure you're close to the ice weak spot, then draw your bow to slow down time and fire arrows at it.

You'll know Colgera is close to taking damage when the weak point looks more like a snowflake with a purple centre.

If you're struggling to get the aim just right, attaching a homing material like Keese eyeballs to your arrows before shooting will guide it to the weak spot. If you find yourself too far away from the weak spot, you can also attach materials that make your arrows travel further, like Keese wings, but this is less reliable than homing materials.

If you're running low on homing materials though, you might want to save them for the next phase, as it's even harder to aim with your bow.

Keep attacking Colgera this way until its health bar is half full, when the third and last phase will kick in.

Colgera Wind Temple boss - Phase 3

During this final phase, your strategy is the exact same as during the second phase: get close to weak spots and use Link's bow and arrows to damage them. However, this time it's a lot harder, as Colgera will now summon multiple tornadoes to try and stop Link.

They're difficult to fly around, so we suggest using Tulin's gust ability to speed away when you see one closing in on Link.

As we mentioned above, this is the best phase to use your homing materials like Keese eyeballs on Link's arrows to guide them to the weak points, as it's the hardest part of the fight.

Remember that you can also attach other materials to arrows, like bombs, to damage Colgera's weak spots quicker.

Link finally defeats Colgera after you destroy its ice weak spots for the third time during this last phase. You'll get a lengthy story cutscene, heart container, and the Vow of Tulin as part of your Wind Temple rewards.

Link receiving a Heart Container after completing the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom.
Link receiving the Vow of Tulin after completing the Wind Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image credit: Nintendo

Vow of Tulin can be equipped from the 'Key Items' menu to summon an avatar of Tulin while Link's exploring, allowing you to use his gust ability whenever you want, except in places like Shrines.

Now that you've beat Colgera and completed the Wind Temple, why not take on the nearby Mayaumekis Shrine? The useful Frostbite Shirt isn't too far away either.

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