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Zelda - Eventide Island, Korgu Chideh, and the Stranded on Eventide Island quest in Breath of the Wild

How to find, solve, and survive the Faron region's Eventide Island.

Eventide Island plays home to Korgu Chideh, one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge there, named the Stranded on Eventide Island trial, is a unique puzzle that has you try to locate three spheres on the island, whilst totally removed of all of your items. Get it right, and you'll walk away a success.

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Where to find Eventide Island and Korgu Chideh

The Korgu Chideh shrine is located within the Faron region, specifically on Eventide Island right in the far south-east of the world's map. To get there, you first need to go to Muwo Jeem shrine, on a clifftop at the edge of the region.

From there, you then need to glide down towards the island, which you'll be able to see in the distance - but beware! You need several stamina-boosting elixirs or meals to get there, as we failed to reach it without them even with significantly boosted stamina reserves.

As soon as you land, you'll be stripped of everything but your Sheikah abilities and your underwear, so prepare for a challenge!

Eventide Island, Korgu Chideh, and Stranded on Eventide Island quest solution

Your task, on landing, is to find three orbs that are dotted around the island, and place them in the corresponding sockets.

To do so, you need to think smart - but follow a few basic rules of thumb and you'll be fine. First things first, grab whatever you can from the wild - critters from under the nearby rocks are a good place to start.

Then, head south along the beach and right away you'll see a small Bokoblin camp. Lure them towards the cluster of explosive barrels, and throw a bomb at them - a well-timed hit will blow up the lot!

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Now, loot the chest nearby for a weak sword, and grab everything else you can find from the area.

Head inland to the jungle, avoiding the more dangerous enemies on the way, and you'll find a tree stump in the middle of a bog.

Use Cryonis to freeze yourself a pillar in the mud and - without falling in, because it will insta-kill you and send you back to the start of the island! - retrieve the Axe from the centre.

Make your way back to firm land, and then head south-east, where you'll soon find another Bokoblin camp, this one a little larger.

Take them out however you can - bombs always help, as will the cruddy sword you got earlier, and if you can manage to dodge them, arrows fired from the archer's bow will come in handy down the line if you want to collect them.

When they're defeated, grab the orb from on top of the podium and take it back to the beach where you landed. The first socket is on that northern corner of the island, just at sea.

Use Cryonis or chop down a nearby tree to get across while carrying the orb, and then throw it to the socket - don't try to throw it straight from land though, as it won't reach and can be a pain to fish back out!

With that orb done, you're a third of the way there. The next orb is located on top of a sleeping Hinox.

This is easier to take than it looks, though - climb to the nearby hilltop, to the east by the coast, and defeat the enemies there with the usual bomb-and-weapon antics.

While you're here, cook up any ingredients you found just in case - you really don't want to die and reset your progress at this point, so always eat when you can to keep topped up on health.

Then, glide down from that hilltop onto the Hinox's belly, and grab the orb.

You can then jog away from him carrying the orb - but don't sprint, or you'll drop it! - and take it all the way back up and round to the top of that hill. If you keep a steady pace, the Hinox will never reach you and eventually lose interest.

Place the orb in the socket at the top, and that's two down.

Last up, is an orb halfway up the island's small mountain, to the south-east of the Hinox. It's inside a camp that involves several mid-level enemies.

Loot the chest on the corner of the camp for a bow, if you don't have one already.

Then dispatch the enemies however you see fit - we lured them to explosives and just used bombs, which was surprisingly effective.

With the enemies dealt with, now it's time to find the socket. You'll see it covered under a large slab of rock.

You can either attach an Octo Balloon to it (just hold it in your inventory, then drop it on top - an Octoroc can be found near the muddy pool where you got the axe) , or, just freeze it with Stasis and whack it a few times with any weapon.

With that cleared, drop in the orb found on the nearby podium, and the shrine will appear! (Oh, and your gear will be kindly returned to you, too). Inside is a reward - a fairly measly Gold Rupee (worth 300 Rupees).

The Korgu Chideh Shrine itself appears on the very top of the nearby mountain, so climb up there to finish off the adventure!

It could be better considering the effort, but at least the shrine is great fun to find - the island itself is the real reward!

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