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Xbox Game Pass is the closest thing we have to old school rentals, Tunic developer says

For fox sake.

Artwork of a fox in a green tunic with sword and shield in a forest environment
Image credit: Finji

The creator of adorable fox-themed action-adventure game Tunic says the offerings of Xbox Game Pass are the closest thing we have to the old school rental shops of days gone by.

Speaking to TrueTrophies (via TrueAchievements), Andrew Shouldice praised Microsoft's subscription service, on which Tunic released, calling it an "incredible deal" for developers.

"I think the thing that I liked most about it, that I didn't think about at the time, is the experience of going to - in Canada - to rent a game," Shouldice elaborated.

The launch trailer for Tunic.Watch on YouTube

"You can't really do that anymore, right? There's enough information in the world and you're probably a discriminating consumer; you're going to check on what a game is before you buy it. Like, what are the reviews like? What genre is it? The closest thing you can get to that experience now is something like Game Pass," he continued.

The creator then went on to state that, when you are simply browsing the catalogue on offer through Game Pass, that's when you will come across something you may not have expected.

"You're just like, 'Oh, a fox... he's got a sword? Sure, I got an hour. Let's see what this is all about'. And you have that experience of walking into something with no expectations."

For those yet to play, Tunic will be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 on 27th September.

Eurogamer gave Tunic a rare Essential badge on its release earlier this year, with Donlan remarking how the game "turns its many influences into something that feels both familiar and gloriously new."

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