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The Witcher 3 can still look prettier as impressive new mod shows

Avallac'h at this.

There's a new mod available for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC that reworks textures and models to make the game look better.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan has tried to do this while preserving the game's original style.

As you can see in the video below, the mod gives textures increased detail and sharpness, which also scale up to 4K resolution, with many of the high quality meshes being created from scratch. There's even an option to enable "E3 Novigrad Walls"! Don't mention the downgrade, don't mention the downgrade.

Watch on YouTube

In case you missed it, here's some of the stuff that's been improved:

  • Stone Walls (Village Stone Walls, Interior Stone Walls, Rich Bricks, Rich Brick Plasters, Rounded Mixed Bricks, Poor Messy Stonewalls, Poor Messy Bricks, Regular Rough Stonewalls, Buildings Stone Edges and more)
  • Poor Wood (Wood Walls, Structures, Planks, Doors, Objects and more)
  • Rocks (including some experimental 4K Rocks)
  • Vegetation (Spruces, Ivy, Toadstools)
  • Roofs (Ceramic, Thatched, Metal)
  • Wood Logs
  • Wooden Objects (Crates, Stools, Buckets, some Tables and more)
  • Improved Water (Seas, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Puddles, Wells, Fountains)
  • Misc Stuff (Sacks, Braziers, Bear Furs, Harbour Anchors, Books, Scrolls and more)
  • Ground Textures (Checkered Floors [including experimental Displacement in Circle near Passiflora])
  • Various Textures (Grain, Hay, Moss and more)
  • Toussaint stuff (Rocks, Wood Logs, Sacks, Ceramic Roofs and more)
  • Optional E3 Novigrad Walls
Watch on YouTube

You can download the mod over on Nexus Mod Manager.

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